Friday, February 1, 2019

Thursday, November 15, 2018


I had the honor of being the co-emcee for this fantastic event, which took place
on November 10, 2018, in Venice, California, honoring Viggo Mortensen and Will Alexander with performances by Mike Watt, John Densmore, John Doe and Exene, and more! My co-emcee was Brendan Constantine. Produced by Sharyl Holtzman, thanks to Beyond Baroque Executive Director Richard Modiano for the incredible experience.


Written in commemoration of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A review of the Velvet Underground Experience exhibit

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

"At The Living Gallery Outpost, a platform for artists to manifest their dreams"

My current article in The Villager focuses on The Living Gallery Outpost and their innovative programs and community involvement.

Opening Day celebration, photo by Bob Krasner.
(L-R) Co-founders Alexandria Hodgkins, Nyssa Frank, Joseph Meloy

The Month of July, 2018

A lot of poetry in many different venues:

07/08/18 - With Mark McKay Band at The Treehouse
07/10/18 - With Joe Sztabnik and Danny Ray at 2A, hosted by Rick Eckerle and Cal Reynolds07/12/18 - With Mark McKay Band at 11th Street Bar
07/14/18 - With Soul Cake at 11th Street Garden, curated by Gina Healy
07/17/18 - With Danny Ray at 2A, hosted by Rick Eckerle and Cal Reynolds
07/19/18 - Solo at Coney Island Baby, curated by Gordon Lawrence
07/21/18 - With Soul Cake and Friends, Music Under the Stars, 6th Street Garden, curated by Joff Wilson
07/29/18 - Solo at NYC Poetry Festival at Governor's Island

Coney Island Baby, photo by Johan Vipper

                                 2A, Photo by Donald Sztabnik

Music Under the Stars, (L-R) Walter Steding, Joff Wilson, Laura Sativa,
                            (unseen) Sarafe, photo, Sally Young

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

My latest article, about Overthrow NY Boxing, the Yippie building, counterculture and counterpunching. Please "like" and comment if you wish. Available in hard copy - The Villager, Chelsea Now, and The Villager Express on Thursday, 7/5.


Some of the photos included:

 Head trainer Alicia Napoleon (The Empress, L) is an undefeated champion. This is a championship fight in Queens. Photo, Clayton Patterson.

L to R: Joey Goodwin, Mukunda Angulo and Clayton Patterson. | Photo by Elsa Rensaa

 Team photo, Denise Levitt

Joey Goodwin, Founder/CEO fighting in Friday Night Throwdown, 2012, photo, Clayton Patterson


Community Garden, East 6th Street and Avenue B, Joff Wilson's monthly summer series.

Ending in a jam a poem with Soul Cake (Joff, Sara Fe on bass, Laura Sativa, flute) and Rick Eckerle and Ron Bongo sitting in.

 Photo, Sally Young

Photo, James Redsands