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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Puma Perl, What Kind of Woman

Puma Perl reading her original work,"What Kind of Woman," at Bright Hill, Oneonta, NY, 11/13, curated by Bertha Rogers. Video by Brian Dorn.

Annie Sauter and Puma Perl - Everything Is Broken

Oneonta, Bright Hill Center Reading run by Bertha Rogers, 11/13/14. Annie Sauter and I do our "Broken Poems" - Annie's poem for Jewels and mine, Shooting Normal, accompanied by Jim Petrie on guitar. Video by Brian Dorn.
Sidewalk Cafe, 11/15/14, Alan Rand Appreciation Day. Puma Perl and Friends are begin at 3:21, with Frank DiNunzio, stand-up bass, Joff Wilson, guitar, and Walter Steding, violin.


AH Productions, with Billy Magee, Hipp Pipps, Rewd Onez, and New York Junk.

Photo, Anne Husick

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Puma Perl and Friends at The Delancey Bar 11/18/2014, Video:V

Thank you for the video, Frank Robbins, recorded at the Delancey at the birthday party for Harold Black and Deborah Genit Verno. A few lines at the beginning are missing so to let you know where it begins;


I watch you stroke yourself.

Yeah, suck it, Ruby....Good Girl, Good Girl, so good.

You explode, cum dripping down

your hand, onto your stomach,

my mouth opens, I forget

for a moment that it's a video, forget

that you never say my name

when we're together.

A knock on the door.

Frantically, I close the program.

I thought everyone was out to lunch,

Fire me for my bad work,

not my sex addiction,

even though it's shredded

whatever ethic I had left.

It's my one friend, Marisa.

She knows nothing of my life.

I have no confidantes.

I thought I heard someone in here

with you, she says in her Queens accent.

And here's where the video picks up.

Great job by musicians Joff Wilson, guitar, Walter Steding, violin, Angello Olivieri, bass, Johnny Young, keyboard, Rick Eckerle, lap steel.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Puma Perl & Friends * Riding With Heroin - Pale Blue Eyes * Retrograde 2...

Published on Jul 26, 2014, video by BicycleJoeLoFiSoundandVision
another Bicycle Joe® Lo-Fi Sound and Vision® video


Puma Perl & Friends * Riding With Heroin - Pale Blue Eyes ,*  Second Retrograde Book Party,  Sidwalk Cafe, arrangement by Rick Eckerle (guitar)  with additional harmonies by Joey Kelly. Angello Olivieri, bass, Walter Steding, violin, Johnny Young, piano.
AH Productions.

ReW &WhO? w/ PuMa PeRL

Puma Perl * I Love You Fuck Off * Anne Husick & Friends @ The Sidewalk Cafe

Published on Aug 8, 2014
another Bicycle Joe® Lo-Fi Sound and Vision® video

Puma Perl * I Love You Fuck Off * Annie Husick & Friends @ The Sidewalk Cafe LES NYC