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Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Villager Links

I was honored for the third time by the New York Press Association for my article about the tattoo exhibit at the Seaport Museum ( One of my photos were also used in the piece.

Read more about all awards earned by Villager writers here:

Below is a  link to articles I've written for the arts and culture section of The Villager over the last few years. The Villager is the umbrella paper and includes Chelsea Now, The Villager Express, Downtown Express, Gay City News, and one Queens based addition.  Subject matter includes film, book and gallery reviews, interviews, cultural and political events.

These are some of my photos that have been published with articles I've written.

Gerald Busby, subject of "The Man on the Fifth Floor," a documentary film in the making about Busby and his long history at the Chelsea Hotel. This article also won recognition from the NYPA. 8/24/16

Richard Manitoba and his son, Jake, enjoying a concert put on by Joff Wilson at the 6th Street Community Garden, 7/8/15.  Article titled "Say Yes to Grooviness Under the Stars."

The first article of mine that the NYPC awarded, "At 30, the Guerrilla Girls still on Masked Mission," 5/7/15

"Tattoo Exhibit Extolls the Lasting Impressions of a Marked-Up Man," 2/8/17


Below are a selection of my photos that were published in The Lo-Down: News from the Lower East Side, a community website dedicated to daily news coverage, including in-depth reporting on urban issues, real estate, popular culture, and people who live and work on the Lower East Side.

December 23-24, Living Gallery Outpost

Curated and hosted by Gina Healy, this show focused on photographers who are known primarily for other creative pursuits. 7 of my photographs were chosen and shown. These are two of them: Soundcheck and South Street.

The first is a photo of me in front of my wall of photos by Rosie Kahn.
I also did a reading at the gallery, photo by Rosita Roldan.
NOVEMBER 10, 2017: HOWL Happening!
I was  so happy to open this show, which was linked to the Club 57 exhibit at MOMA. Joff Wilson, guitarist, and Walter Steding, violinist, performed with me.
My work was also included in the anthology being celebrated, "City Primeval: New York, Berlin, Prague," an anthology written and curated by Robert Carrithers and Louis Armand.

The book title was also the name of the exhibit, which was emcee'd by Penny Arcade. Other performers included Tish and Snooky, Steve Dalichinsky, Lady Gaby from Berlin, Gary Ray, and Julius Klein.

"City Primeval: New York, Berlin, Prague" documents the zeitgeist of art and culture from the the late 70's underground scenes to the present. There are over 50 contributors including Lydia Lunch, Sara Driver, Nick Zedd, and this writer. The two photos below are by Robert Carrithers and Louis Constant Duit.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

I  have fallen behind in this blog, way more than I had imagined.
Some of the upcoming events are my first show at HOWL, March 21, 2018, a tribute to Beyond Baroque's 50th anniversary. Link to the calendar here:
Guests include Bob Holman, Mahogany L. Browne, C. Bain, Amber Tamblyn, and David Tomas Martinez. Richard Modiano and Jon Hess of Beyond Baroque are flying in from California for the event.

Next Pandemonium will be April 13, 2018, more details to come.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

My daughter, Juliet Gomez, put a Go Fund Me together for me when my car and wallet were stolen in the same week. This is the link:

Diva, looking for my car.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Because the Night - A Tribute to Patti Smith

Did two Patti Smith pieces, "Wave" and "Rape" and sat in with Dina R