Thursday, January 2, 2014

Puma Perl's Calling Card

Video from Bicycle Joe Tomscello.

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  1. Puma Perl's Calling Card

    Bicycle Joe® Lo-Fi Sound and Vision® #1 out of ten

    Collect them all!

    Video Copyright © Bicycle Joe® Tomasello September 8th 2013

    Special Thanks to All Photographers Who Promote What They Love

    Alan Rand, Lisa Ann Cordello, Nicky Lazonni, Michael Laporte, Bicycle Joe, Cyndi Dawson, Frankie Wood, Daniel Marrota and All Night Charlie plus everybody I forgot.

    Puma's Friends, Musicians of choice in every way
    JOff WilsON-Guitars
    Danny Ray-Tenor Saxophone, Wooden Flute
    Jeanne Carno-Rosenberg-Drums
    Angello Olivieri - Bass
    Sam Harris - Bass
    David White-Guitar
    Walter G Steding-Strings