Tuesday, July 3, 2018

My latest article, about Overthrow NY Boxing, the Yippie building, counterculture and counterpunching. Please "like" and comment if you wish. Available in hard copy - The Villager, Chelsea Now, and The Villager Express on Thursday, 7/5.

Link: http://thevillager.com/2018/07/02/at-overthrow-counterculture-and-counterpunching-share-the-card/

Some of the photos included:

 Head trainer Alicia Napoleon (The Empress, L) is an undefeated champion. This is a championship fight in Queens. Photo, Clayton Patterson.

L to R: Joey Goodwin, Mukunda Angulo and Clayton Patterson. | Photo by Elsa Rensaa

 Team photo, Denise Levitt

Joey Goodwin, Founder/CEO fighting in Friday Night Throwdown, 2012, photo, Clayton Patterson

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