Wednesday, December 22, 2010

RevJen's Anti-Slam tonight

Assuming I survive this morning's dental appointment, I will be previewing a new piece tonight at RevJen's anti-slam at the Bowery, 10PM, also assuming I get a good pick. At the snti-slam, instead of signing up as you arrive, you write your name on a slip of paper and throw it in a jar; RevJen that pulls names out and you sign up. I've always gotten good picks and since I will be performing with Big Mike, my chances are doubled.
This piece is called Embrace It! and is about acceptance; it also involves, scissors, Courtney Love, Elle McPherson, and DaDa-esque nudity. We'll see how it goes.


  1. wish I could be there!@#$% I need to see the dentist. I'm due another root canal.

  2. Wish you were here too, Roxi. We could commiserate about dentists and get into all kinds of trouble too.