Monday, June 4, 2018

MAINTENANT 12: A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing & Art

Thank you, Three Rooms Press, for including me in the acclaimed annual international journal of dada writing and art, Maintenant. This is my 11th consecutive appearance in the publication, which is archived in The Museum of Modern Art, NYC, as well as museums and galleries worldwide.

This years theme was "We are all a like," a take on people's instant actions to "like" and "dislike" without deep thought and consideration. Naturally, social media comes into play.

I was part of the reading and book release party that took place at Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC, on Friday, June 1, 2018.

Photo of me by Kat Georges, co-founder and co-editor, with Peter Carlaftes, Three Rooms Press. Beneath is my photo of Diva, the Wonder Dog, meditating on the intricacies of Dada.

My poem can be found on Page 95:

I Like You Like You: A Conversation

Do you like Tony?
I like him okay.
I mean do you like him like him?
I don’t LIKE him like him. I like him as a friend.
How come you don’t like him like him?
I don’t know. I just like him like I like him.
I think he likes you, though.
Maybe, but I like someone else.
I’d rather not say.
Come on. I won’t say anything.
OK, but you better not. (Whispers name.)
You can’t like him. He likes Melissa.
He likes her likes her?
Yeah, she told me he told her he likes her likes her.
Aw, man.
You should just like Tony.
I guess I could like him.
You may as well.
Yeah. He’s okay.

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