Monday, April 4, 2011

Poem #4 - An Erasure Poem

An Erasure Poem is a poem where you take a text, any text, black out or erase all of the words you don't want, and build a poem from what's left.
This poem was built from an article in the AAA Car & Drive magazine about games to play on the road when your radio breaks. The last time my radio broke on the road, I fixed it by banging the console with a hammer. Eventually, I broke the console.

Erasure Poem from AAA Car & Travel

Radio road trips
My little sister imagines music

We set out
on an overnight drive

Pass the time
Plan the future

Leave a void

Things to say
run out

Forever to cross

A simple game
we played as kids

Whizzed by the dial

Going to a picnic
talk about food


Banana and asparagus

A virtual menu

Whoever uncovers the chain

© puma perl, 4/4/11

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