Saturday, April 9, 2011

Poem #9/30 Moaning Lisa & Poppin Chulo


Moaning Lisa woke up early, sleep
disrupted by her Poppin’ Chulo, hiding
in the bathroom, talking on the phone.

I’m just asking you if I can stay there
She heard him whisper hoarsely,
but she turned and saw him lying
innocently beside her as always,
snoring, drooling, smelling like himself.

Moaning Lisa examined him closely,
muttered fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck,
swung her feet to the floor, avoided
all mirrors prior to make-up and coffee,
washed her clothes but not his,
still disturbed by her dream.

It was sunny. She’d hoped for rain.

Poppin’ Chulo slept on, hugging her pillow,
she once thought it was sweet, but learned
it meant nothing. She dropped a few pots
and finally disturbed him, he tumbled
from bed, he showered he dressed,
circled the room, perplexed and irate…

What’s the matter? she asked,
ready to fight – Lost my phone
he replied,

Check the bathroom, she said.

© puma perl, 4/9/11

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