Monday, January 3, 2011

First Poem of 2011

This was written 1/1/11. I thought I might be starting a new 30/30 - just because - but I seem to have become distracted. Yesterday was the weird death day and this morning I have to have the oral surgery I've been putting off.

New Year's Eve day, Big Mike and I saw the one of the saddest movies I have ever experiences - Blue Valentine. The fact that it was an excellent movie with amazing acting and a smart script made it even more depressing. It inspired my poem, which, hopefully, is not an indicator of the year to come.


You chased trains
Took beatings
She clung
You loved You loved You loved
Who you are
Always forever
Anger behind her eyes
like raisin oatmeal and ice water
She has moved beyond indifference
Cries when you touch her
in the blue room
You beg her to stay
She runs into the void
of not you
Not You Not You
Was it the song you didn’t sing
The cigarettes you smoked
She rides buses
You chase trains
You love You love You love

© puma perl, 1/1/11

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