Friday, January 14, 2011

Karma's a Bitch and So Are You

I changed the title. It seemed trite. The title is Chloe's Ass, but Chloe is not a bitch, she's a rock goddess with an awesome ass.

Life would be simpler with an operational golden rule, but it's not the way lemon sherbert is measured out. Here's the poem.

( with a big thanks to Courtney Love)

Chloe flips her blue plaid schoolgirl skirt into the air
Big Mike snaps at her perfect round ass,
Mary’s full gorgeous breasts, Rosabella’s shilouette,
and me
and me
and me,

and me, I am forever orange. Russian legs planted
on Aida’s shag rug as coca leggy Latina sisters
carve pork roast, race like happy colts
to la cucina for cerveza, guava paste, cigarettes

I was cute before I left home, now,
cheek to cheek with rock goddesses
my skin folds, Chloe calls me Mommy,
I zip camera case into motorcycle leather,
bus ride through Chinatown, pearls
roll under our feet, slip through our fingers,
discolored by regret and lemon juices,

I still walk fast and think faster,
my eyes tell stories you can’t understand,
Karma calls your name at midnight,
pray to your Gods, not mine,
shoot contrition into collapsed veins
recite poems to a lonely doorman,
betrayal laced with cum shots and pussy
opens like a broken umbrella, spokes
chipped and snarling, and me, and me,

I am forever orange, telling stories
you won’t understand, Karma’s
waiting under violet streetlights,
go on, take everything…
take everything…
take everything…

© puma perl, 1/14/11


  1. i really want to meet and hang out with you. cos Cobain, Ginsberg and Kerouac have nothing on you.

  2. Thank you. If you're in NYC, come hang.