Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Star Whackers

Is anyone as fascinated by Randy Quaid and his wife Evi as I am? I was right in the middle of reading the long Vanity Fair interview when I was ushered into the dentist's office to have an extraction, which I did not have, because I had a melt-down instead. So I never finished the article and probably have to find another dentist because I think they're getting sick of my histrionics and they are also way too expensive.

Even though I am broke, I will buy that copy of Vanity Fair if it's still on the stands, if only to have permanent ownership of glossy photographs of the 47 year old Evi posing in garter belt and hat. I thought I was the only one in that age group that did that, although, admittedly, I never modeled for Helmut Newton and I don't wear hats. Well, not often.

Randy and Evi are either sharing the delusion of being persued by the "Star Whackers" - who are responsible for the untimely demise of Heath Ledger, David Carradine and many others - or she is orchestrating the entire event. Poor Randy seems to be the follower in this dance. Drug use definitely plays a part, but is there the possibility of folie a deux - a rarely diagnosed mental disorder in which two people, usually but not always a couple, share a delusion, generally based on paranoia? Folie imposee describes a situation in which one partner imposes the delusion upon the other.

I am trying to figure out a performance piece based on my new favorite couple but have not gotten past the title. I have been fascinated by the syndrome since I heard of it and wrote this poem back in 2007.


Folie á Deux:
a madness
shared by two.
Beliefs unwired
transmitted untamed
binding, relentless
minds united
in folly
insane and glorious

Folie á Deux:
a dance for two
partners swivel
spin and pivot
reverse slide
side to side

Folie Imposée :
illusions induced
partner follows
turn patterns
tempo of
leader’s strong eyes
knowing hands
drop and catch
shoulder check
dance as one
partner tumbles
falls to floor
dances on and on

Folie Simultanée :
sway as waves
rock delusion
into sweet madness
red satin hips swing
stilettos spin
feet flare hair whips
spirits converse
with God
dancing souls

some call it love

© puma perl, 3/07

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