Friday, January 21, 2011

Without Scissors

The performance is the relationship.
Does that mean that the relationship is a performance?
It's acting. It's real. Good acting is truth. Good writing is truth.
Love/Violence is a new piece. I am afraid to show it to my (performance) partner. It is raw and exposes nerves guised in words and humor.
In "Scissors and Whoring" I read a piece about how it feels to sell yourself and your soul piece by piece while my partner cut my clothes off, wrote "whore" and "slut" on my body with a black sharpie and took photographs. I posted a photo on facebook and my account was immediately shut down.
In the new piece, there will be no scissors or sharpies. Maybe a camera.
There is compromise in the partnership but not in the piece.
Can the partnership survive the performances? Can we perform and produce without the partnership?
The boundaries of life and performance are fluid. Sometimes too much is exposed. Sometimes it feels courageous, sometimes it feels insane.

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